Ann Koerner

The furniture and objects I choose for my shop have always had an aesthetic connection to my past.

My parents met and married in New Orleans and lived in the French Quarter in the 1930’s, when it was in its renaissance. In the early 1940’s they bought a farm in Mississippi, known as the Old Hilliard Place.  The house there, which predates the Civil War, is now on the National Register.

In this idylic place my four siblings and I had free rein to develop our adventurous and creative impulses, and it remains a kind of magical place in my mind, a world of its own.  As children, we built our own playhouses and treehouses and lived life close to nature—all of which contributed to my love of houses and interiors.

If I have a design philosophy, it is that good design knows no boundaries of time or place.

Consequently, in my shop I have had Chinese furniture and pieces in an array of styles: from American Federal, Empire, and rustic, to Southern Regional, African, Anglo-Indian, Swedish Baroque, Rococo, and Gustavian, Russian,  French Directoire, Empire, and Provincial, Italian Empire, and Secessionist. Today, we also sell Bauhaus-derived modern pieces, art, and lighting by Jamb.

Twenty years ago, my husband and I bought and renovated an old beach house in Pass Christian, Mississippi. My time now is spent there with our three dogs and in New Orleans, at home or in my shop. Please consider a visit.



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